We strive to make all our services accessible to everyone, through value pricing, payment options and select discounts (loyalty, partner, pension + industry)

This in no way compromises our exceptional standard + skills - this is our pay forward to our valued clients

Relax Massage

With inclusions of Hot and/or Cold Stones, cupping, warm towels, music choice, and more








Remedial Massage

Currently discount in lieu of Health Fund rebates – provider numbers pending Needling, Cupping, Electrotheraphy, Taping and more are included at no extra cost


$55 (normally $75)


$70 (normally $90)


$100 (normally $125)

Pregnancy Massage

Specialised treatment, to cater to a mum to be’s needs, during and after pregnancy
Pregnancy cushions and all extra comforts are included to make for the most deservedly soothing and safe treatment



Clinical Pilates

1 on 1 Clinical Pilates • 45mins


Planned, targeted and focused sessions to help you move as best can be

2 on 1 Clinical Pilates Session • 50mins


For partners, friends, family or collegues who'd like to share their movement journeys together

Check out our value Movement Packs and Subscriptions for even more value

Gift Options

Any 60min Massage


Any 90min Massage


Any 120min Massage


Pregnancy Massage • 90min


1 on 1 Clinical Pilates Session


2 on 1 Clinical Pilates Session


Massage Pack Options

6 x 60min Massage Pack

$403 (save $137)

6 x 90min Massage Pack

$548 (save $202)

6 x 120min Massage Pack

$657 (save $243)

6 x 90min Pregnancy Massage Pack


Clinical Pilates Pack Options

Number of Passes
1 on 1 (save)
2 on 1 (save)
$60 -
$80 -
$180 ($60)
$240 ($80)
$255 ($105)
$340 ($140)
$400 ($200)
$533 ($267)
$760 ($440)
$1013 ($587)
Weekly x 1*
$55 ($5)
$70 ($10)
Weekly x 2*
$100 ($20)
$133 ($27)
Weekly x 3*
$135 ($45)
$180 ($60)
Weekly x 4*
$160 ($80)
$213 ($107)
Weekly x 5*
$190 ($110)
$250 ($150)
*Auto paid weekly or fortnightly | 2 weeks advance payment and cancel notice period

Here’s What Satisfied Clients Are Saying In Reviews

"I recently received my very first pregnancy hot stone massage, EVER, with Glen at Bodoc. The clinic is beautifully set up with all the bells and whistles, I instantly felt the zentopian experience as promised in the confirmation email. Being 25 weeks pregnant the hot stones were heated to a modified lower pregnancy safe temperature which by the end of the treatment had melted away the aching in my shoulders and hips. Can’t wait for my next treatment."

Tahlia Schneider(November 2019)

"My massage experience at bodoc was absolutely amazing! Glen has created such a relaxing and inviting space, I instantly felt calm as soon as I came in. I really appreciated the time Glen took to find [out] about my treatment needs, which meant my massage experience was totally relaxing and suited me perfectly. I was lucky enough to indulge in the 90-minute hot stone massage, which was pure bliss and really helped with the stress and tension I was carrying in my muscles. I highly recommend Glen to anyone needing support with sore muscles or just looking for an opportunity to relax and get pampered!"

Jacqueline Milburn(October 2019)

"I had an amazing hot stone massage with Glen this evening. The space is beautiful and the massage was very relaxing. Glen is very professional. Highly recommended!"

Melisa Barber(September 2019)

"Wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. Glen is a true professional. I am now treating myself to a weekly session."

Judy Slatyer(August 2019)

"I have chronic pain, sore and stiff muscles. Glen was great accommodating my chronic nerve pain from past injuries and being really intuitive to adjust his treatment. A wonderful treatment with hot stones I can’t recommend enough! Thank you Glen!"

Alannah Pearson(June 2019)