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A Range of Massage Styles and Customised Clinical Pilates You’ll Love!

#zenperience our Relax/Remedial Massage or customised Clinical Pilates session in Ivanhoe

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Our Offerings

#zenperience A Soothing Massage and Moving Clinical Pilates Session With Us!
Let us help you revive, relax, and rejuvenate with our #zenperience services:

Relaxation Massage:

a smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relaxation

Remedial Massage

the systematic attention to muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management

Pregnancy Massage

specialised care, with side laying and pregnancy cushions, options
a well paced and deserved, safe treatment for mum's to be and been

Oncology Massage

specialised training and care taken, to assist oncology patients through their journey, promoting gentle lymphatic activation, calmness and well being

Clinical Pilates

we get you moving safely and well, to achieve your mobility and health targets - pilates really is for everyone

Hot and Cold Therapy

intentionally used together or seperately, heat promotes softness and relax of the body, and cold assists pain relief and swelling
in combination, these create an amazing flushing effect to promote circulation and recovery
we use stones, gel and bead packs


no where near as scary as it sounds - needling gets to the core of tension , to safely and effectively release and promote the body's healing process, through gently disturbing the area and increasing circulation


powered by no more than 9 Volt batteries, TENs and EMS amazingly work to rapidly interrupt the nervous and muscular system messaging, to aid instant pain relief, muscle activation, strength and more


purposeful restriction, stability, sensory reminders and pain+swelling relief are achieved through the art of taping - we stock latex free and hypoallergenic tapes


through static and gliding suction, cuppings achieves with pain+inflammation relief, whilst promoting blood flow, relaxation and well-being, through fascia and muscle stretch and feels rather amazing.

What Is The #zenperience?

We aim to work with you to explore your stress and pain, and by applying a range of relaxation, remedial and movement techniques to:
• Restore zen through movement
• Work through the stressors and contributors
• To understand and respond to your pain better
Apart from being under the care of our professional therapist you'll also soak up the calming ambience and pamperings including:
• Your own music of choice
• Full range of Pilates Equipment: Trapeze, Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair and more
• Hot towels
• Plush electric bed
• Soft draping towels and sheets
• Heated blanket
• Fruit
• Soothing herbal tea or quenching water
It also doesn't stop there, so focussed on making a genuine and meaningful impact on his client's wellness, Glen has a library of equipment and tools that are utilised and loaned out, including:
• TENs and EMS units
• Massage Therapy Guns
• Pilates Equipment
• Spiky Balls
• Trigger Point Therapy Canes and Rollers
• Resistance Bands and Weights
• Stretch and Movement recommendations are created and sent out through PhysiTrack app

Professional Massage and Clinical Pilates in Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Can You Go Another Day With Stress & Body Aches?

Do you wake up in the morning and wish you hadn’t?
Headache. Grumpy. Carrying your sore and tired body as you effort through your daily chores and tasks?
Then falling into bed at the end of the day feeling worse than when you woke up - only to wake hours later to do it all over again.
Come on! Let’s not kid ourselves. That’s no way to live.
It’s horrible to be feeling that way.
Let us show you the difference our trained and qualified therapist using either hot or cold stones, needling, cupping, electrotherapy, stretch and movement can make.

Here’s What Satisfied Clients Are Saying In Reviews

"I recently received my very first pregnancy hot stone massage, EVER, with Glen at Bodoc. The clinic is beautifully set up with all the bells and whistles, I instantly felt the zentopian experience as promised in the confirmation email. Being 25 weeks pregnant the hot stones were heated to a modified lower pregnancy safe temperature which by the end of the treatment had melted away the aching in my shoulders and hips. Can’t wait for my next treatment."

Tahlia Schneider(November 2019)

"My massage experience at bodoc was absolutely amazing! Glen has created such a relaxing and inviting space, I instantly felt calm as soon as I came in. I really appreciated the time Glen took to find [out] about my treatment needs, which meant my massage experience was totally relaxing and suited me perfectly. I was lucky enough to indulge in the 90-minute hot stone massage, which was pure bliss and really helped with the stress and tension I was carrying in my muscles. I highly recommend Glen to anyone needing support with sore muscles or just looking for an opportunity to relax and get pampered!"

Jacqueline Milburn(October 2019)

"I had an amazing hot stone massage with Glen this evening. The space is beautiful and the massage was very relaxing. Glen is very professional. Highly recommended!"

Melisa Barber(September 2019)

"Wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. Glen is a true professional. I am now treating myself to a weekly session."

Judy Slatyer(August 2019)

"I have chronic pain, sore and stiff muscles. Glen was great accommodating my chronic nerve pain from past injuries and being really intuitive to adjust his treatment. A wonderful treatment with hot stones I can’t recommend enough! Thank you Glen!"

Alannah Pearson(June 2019)

#zenperience a bodoc Massage or Movement treatment to achieve:

reduced muscle tension

improved circulation

stimulation of the lymphatic system

reduction of stress hormones


increased joint mobility and flexibility

improved recovery of soft tissue injuries

reduced anxiety and depression


Tell Me About The ‘Ancient’ Use Of Hot and Cold Stones For Relaxation And Relief From Body Aches

Some say the earliest use of hot stones to improve health and relaxation took place in India approximately 5,000 years ago.
The practice began among the Hindus in India and was called Ayurveda. Hot stone massage today is the practice of heating smooth stones and placing them safely on various areas of the body during a massage.
Here at bodoc, we specialise in hot and cold stone massage.
Massage and the use of hot and/or cold stones can promote relaxation of the muscles and joints - to ease both pain and debilitating muscle spasms, through circulation, flushing and movement. Decreased muscle spasms and tension helps reduce inflammation in the skeletal muscles which in turn eases pain.
At bodoc, use of stones is not about simply laying them on the body like is typically depicted in photos, they are actively used and integrated throughout the massage in delicious, flowing strokes, literally melting the troubles away.